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Definition of Yokosuka Navy Curry

okosuka Navy curry is the origin of the Japanese curry rice,
Basically, it features a "retro", "nostalgic curry"

Yokosuka Navy Curry five principles
Reproduce the curry using the recipe of the “Navy Culinary Arts reference book"
As a general rule, only provided in Yokosuka city.
Always comes with salad and milk.
Yokosuka Navy Curry is considered an A-grade local gourmet.
The city of Yokosuka is the only authorized distributor of the curry.

Navy Culinary Arts reference book"

Ingredients are meat beef or chicken, Carrots, Onion, potato, Salt, Curry powder, flour, rice.

In addition, based on the recipe from “Navy Culinary Arts reference book”, but if you use those ingredients and cooking and serving below, it’s considered as Yokosuka Navy Curry.

Ingredients:Curry powder、flour、meat(beef or chicken)、carrots,onion,potato.

How to cook: making roux to use flour and curry powder.

How to serve: serve curry rice with milk, salad. Always put pickled chantey.

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Yokosuka Curry Honpo

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[1st Floor, Yokosuka products and Souvenir area. Cafe]

January 1 to January 3, other than that we are open throughout the year.

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