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“Curry and rice” is a classic menu of general household, Yokosuka is land of origin.
The roots of the ordinary curry and rice that was adopted from the former Royal Navy’s curry stew for navy’s diet by adding a flour for Japanese taste.
1999 May 20, the city that has come known as the land of the Navy “Yokosuka” is the roots of curry that is eaten in Japan, the “Navy curry”; it was newly named “Yokosuka Navy Curry”!!

What is Yokosuka Navy Curry?

A root of curry and rice is popular in the home and is said to be from the Imperial Japanese Navy.
Yokosuka is a town that has come along with the Navy, the roots of curry that is eaten in Japan, the “Navy curry”, newly named “Yokosuka Navy Curry”; Yokosuka is declared the city of curry”.

Originally came from Navy’s food?

Around the beginning of the Meiji era, the biggest illness of the Navy, and Army soldier’s was beriberi. In 1878 approximately 4500 military personnel in the Navy were diagnosed with beriberi and over 32% of those died from the illness. The Navy surgeon General, Kanehio Takagi found that an unbalance diet for the solders the root cause of beriberi. Improvements were made which arranged for the solders diet to include curry and rice. Beriberi causes were dramatically reduced and curry and rice is now household favorite.

Curry’s town Yokosuka

1998 on the occasion of the farewell party of the Maritime Self-Defense Force Yokosuka district commissioner, the topic of conversation that how about using curry for motivation of town of Yokosuka. And Yokosuka City Hall, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Maritime Self-Defense Force has launched a joints investigation.

Yokosuka Navy Curry

Yokosuka Navy Curry is try to reproduce the taste of the time is the theme. Navy Curry has been reproducing the recipe from the “Navy Culinary Arts Reference Manual”

Definition of Yokosuka Navy Curry

okosuka Navy curry is the origin of the Japanese curry rice,
Basically, it features a “retro”, “nostalgic curry”

Yokosuka Navy Curry five principles

Reproduce the curry using the recipe of the “Navy Culinary Arts reference book”
As a general rule, only provided in Yokosuka city.
Always comes with salad and milk.
Yokosuka Navy Curry is considered an A-grade local gourmet.
The city of Yokosuka is the only authorized distributor of the curry.
Navy Culinary Arts reference book”



Ingredients are meat beef or chicken, Carrots, Onion, potato, Salt, Curry powder, flour, rice.
In addition, based on the recipe from “Navy Culinary Arts reference book”, but if you use those ingredients and cooking and serving below, it’s considered as Yokosuka Navy Curry.
Ingredients:Curry powder、flour、meat(beef or chicken)、carrots,onion,potato.
How to cook: making roux to use flour and curry powder.
How to serve: serve curry rice with milk, salad. Always put pickled chantey.