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At the Yokosuka Navy Curry Restaurant, you always can enjoy Navy Curry and more than 10 different authentic curry with salad and snack.
In 2012 we renovate our restaurant to capture the theme of the battle ship Mikasa and offer seating for one person.
During Meiji era, each warship has a military band.
Not in order to boost morale at the time of departure only play a warship march, even when meals and tea time for the officer You can enjoy the “Yokosuka Navy Curry” in conjunction with the Meiji era’s warship back ground music in the officer room style of the store, which is said to have been popular at that time.





・ Yokosuka Navy Curry Special beef
(With milk, salad, pickles and coffee. (ice or hot))
・ Yokosuka Navy curry Special chicken
(With milk, salad, pickles and coffee. (ice or hot))
・ Yokosuka Navy black curry
(with milk, salad, pickles)
・ Beef Curry
(with milk, salad, pickles)
・ cutlet curry (pork or chicken)
(with Milk, Salad, pickles)
・ Baked curry using atom egg that produced in Yokosuka
(with salad, pickles)
・ Kids Navy Curry
and more…


Business Hours

11:00~16:00 (Last Order 15:30)
[Saturday, Sunday and holidays]
11:00~20:00 (Last Order 19:30)

Regular closing day

January 1 to January 3, other than that we are open throughout the year.

Phone number



1-11-8 wakamatsu cho, Yokosuka. YY port Yokosuka
[By train]
Keihin Kyukou Line, Yokosuka Chuo Station. 2min walk.